Villanovans Ignite Change

Villanovans are people who have a passion to—and work to—ignite change. They want to make a difference. Villanova University's Augustinian Catholic education inspires Villanovans to explore with the mind, act from the heart and succeed while serving others. From academic experiences, such as the Waterhouse Family Institute's Center for Social Justice Film program, to service opportunities, such as the St. Thomas of Villanova Day of Service, a constant here at Villanova is the ability to ignite change. Our students, alumni, faculty and staff share a passion for using lessons learned here as the foundation for creating meaningful change on campus, in their communities and throughout the world. The following stories reveal that unique Villanova spark—touched off by a melding of restless hearts and rigorous minds—that heightens awareness, nurtures enthusiasm and builds a community that calls people to Ignite Change.