Full-time Leader

Submitted by Lynda M

Lynda Migliaccio '12 LAS knew she would be challenged when she decided to return to college after a decade-long break. She also knew from years of owning businesses and managing people that she wanted to improve her leadership skills. What she found through Villanova's part-time studies program was an opportunity to balance family, work and school while pursuing a sought-after bachelor's degree in Leadership, and the experience changed her life. She credits the program for arming her with the skills to become a leader in the workforce and inspiring her to do more.

"It started with the very first class I had with Professor James McCloskey," said Migliaccio. "The classroom experience changed my thought process and the way I approach my goals and tasks daily."

Upon graduation, Migliaccio began to volunteer within the ADHD community, a disorder that afflicts her son. She started small, working at local conferences. Soon, her work blossomed into the creation of a non-profit organization that celebrates the positive side of ADHD. The non-profit creates various programs that will build leadership skills for the children and brings awareness and understanding to caregivers.

"Every Leadership course at Villanova touched on coming up with innovative solutions by thinking outside the box." said Migliaccio. "The classes taught by Professor McCloskey challenged me to change to the world. I hope to be able to help children as he has done as well as inspire others to do the same. "