Hug It Forward

Submitted by Villanova

When Daniesha Hunter '08 VSB, came across Hug It Forward, a young non-profit organization aimed at creating global change, she called on her experiences at Villanova University in solving problems, creating awareness to make the organization's processes more efficient.
"You may think it was the time I spent in the Office of Multicultural Affairs, or the time I devoted to service while on campus that was the impetus to be a part of an organization like Hug It Forward. While these experiences shaped who I am as a person, it was actually an experience in a classroom in Bartley Hall that was my true inspiration.
"In a business class I took with Professor Kozup, we developed a business plan for a new product.The team that received the highest grade in the class wanted to bring water filters to rural parts of India. When I think of that project I realized what business could really be.
"What Hug It Forward is today is an organization that encourages people throughout the world to become advocates for change. One of the ways they change the world is by building schools in impoverished countries out of wasted plastic bottles.
"Thanks to my experience at Villanova and through my work with Hug It Forward, I've been able to help change the world one hug or plastic bottle at a time."