Friar in the Kitchen

Submitted by Villanova

The Rev. Joseph Mostardi, OSA, '72 A&S loves going from "alb to apron" to whip up his latest culinary masterpiece. The savory aroma wafts from the kitchen whets the appetites of not only his fellow priests in Burns Hall, but also students lucky enough to be invited to dine with them.
Recognized as a "dean of cuisine," he loves serving up gourmet food. He once took four weeks of cooking classes in Tuscany. Yet he is more concerned with nourishing people spiritually. He feels it's akin to inviting them to a banquet.
"As a priest, I have the opportunity to spread the word of God, challenging people to turn that word into action," Father Mostardi says. "It's gratifying to see people respond to that challenge. "
He received his call to the priesthood while still a student at Monsignor Bonner High School in Drexel Hill, Pa. Augustinian friars taught at the school. Their love of community life and concern for one another appealed to him. "They were like family."
In addition to studying in a doctor of ministry program, Father Mostardi currently serves at Villanova as coordinator of liturgical ministries. He also oversees several campus ministry programs.
To him, the Augustinian heritage is like a cherished family recipe. It's one Father Mostardi, along with other friars, seeks to hand on. "We try to instill in students an understanding of what we received from Augustine. We want to share what it means to be part of the Augustinian family."