Redefining “Ability”

Submitted by Villanova

Hundreds of special needs kids and adults were in the stands at Citizens Bank Park for the Philadelphia Phillies game against the New York Mets on May 9, 2012, as Stephen McWilliams and Gregory Hannah of Villanova's Office of Disability Services were honored with the First Financial Group Special Needs Awareness Award for their contributions to disability awareness advocacy.
It was Disability Awareness Night, and seeing the kids enjoy the game was the best part of the night for McWilliams and Gregory, who help students challenged with physical, learning or other differences get the most out of their college experiences.
Villanova's Office of Disability Services provides support services to students with disabilities and ensures that qualified students with disabilities have access to educational opportunities at the University by eliminating physical and educational barriers.
"We are very fortunate to work with a great population of students at Villanova, and we're happy to see the progress that's been made in disability awareness on campus and in the community," says McWilliams, director of Disability Services at the University.
The two say they were honored to receive the award, which recognizes an individual, company or organization for their work in promoting awareness and accommodations for individuals with disabilities.
In addition to the support Hannah and McWilliams provide to students with disabilities at Villanova, they play a key role in disability awareness advocacy. Hannah is the staff advisor for the student organization LEVEL, which aims to "LEVEL" the playing field for students of differing abilities.