Guiding Healthcare's Future

Submitted by Villanova

Common-sense solutions require uncommon wisdom. That's why changemakers like Villanova nurse Mary Naylor '71 BSN, PhD, RN, work to improve the United States' healthcare system.

For the past 20 years, Dr. Naylor has helped create real-world regulations designed to improve care for elderly patients. Her research has shown better transition to home care can reduce readmission to the hospital. That can improve patient care while trimming costs per Medicare patient by $5,000 annually.

This approach is critical to addressing the complex needs of older adults coping with chronic conditions. It will become essential as our population ages.

Dr. Naylor shapes healthcare's future as a member of Congress' Medicare Payment Advisory Commission, and as Director of the New Courtland Center for Transitions and Health.
But her achievements and advocacy should come as no surprise.

Villanova nursing: It is a powerful expression of the University's commitment to academics and human service. The College of Nursing transforms students into leaders. They are visionaries equipped with skills, intelligence and compassion.

Ideas can change the world. Dr. Naylor's ideas can change lives.