The Villanova Network

Submitted by Nicolette W

Before she began her sophomore year, Nicolette Weinbaum '16 had completed an internship that would make her the envy of a lot of seniors.

Although she had authored a successful blog in high school, Nicolette didn't want to write as a career. So her adviser suggested she try business. She quickly discovered a passion for marketing. With summer approaching, she set her lofty sights on securing a paid internship in New York.

Nicolette developed custom paid ads on LinkedIn to promote herself and targeted only Villanova graduates. Knowing that the Nova Network was a power source like no other, Nicolette was confident that she didn't have to look any further.

Her confidence paid off.

The responses poured in. Some said hello. Some wished her luck. Others congratulated her on the unique approach she was taking.

As the responses kept coming, LinkedIn even called to congratulate her.

Right around the time her story made its way to USA Today, CBS Money and hundreds of blogs, she received not only a paid internship with Edulance, a digital marketing company in New York City, but five other job offers.

Nicolette is paying it forward by sharing what she has learned and opening doors for other students. Her heavily trafficked blog teaches them about the importance of personal branding and networking.

A socially savvy freshman changed her future when she tapped into Villanova's alumni network to land a marketing internship. The result: She inspired others to think creatively and act boldly in pursuing opportunities.