Wherever You Go

Submitted by Lauren, Andrew and Nashia C

It's big news when a person finally finds his or her voice.

Lauren Colegrove '14 traveled to the foundation-run Heritage Academy in Ghana, eager to begin making a social justice documentary film for a Communication class. What she found were students also eager for new opportunities to express themselves.

Lauren thought it over and realized that what the Heritage students needed was a self-sustaining student-run newspaper, one that would allow them to say what was on their minds and to be heard by the people around them.

Lauren shared her vision with Andrew Balamaci '14, a classmate who was also in Ghana at the time. He liked the idea. Not only was he willing to contribute his multimedia skill set to the cause, but he was able to call in reinforcement: fellow Villanovan Nashia Kamal '14, who he knew from a previous service trip.

One quick meeting later, and Nashia, who has a background in journalism, was in, too.

The trio's first order of business was to get funding, and thanks to a grant from the Waterhouse Family Institute-located right on Villanova's campus-they got it. Then it was back to Ghana, where, in a few short weeks, Lauren, Andrew and Nashia helped Heritage students start their newspaper.

Before long, the inaugural issue hit newsstands.

Villanovans pooled talents and resources to ignite change in a school in Ghana. The result: Students in a remote village have harnessed the power of communication.