Playmaker, Changemaker

Submitted by Randy F

Randy Foye sinks "threes" on national TV. But seeing a kid grab a rebound in his first-ever new shoes trumps that-by far. And helping that child and his peers understand how education can lead them to a bright future is even better.

Foye led the Wildcats to the "Elite Eight" and "Sweet 16" in the NCAA Tournament-making him a star. But Villanova wasn't all about hoops. Here, Foye discovered a desire to serve, starting with Special Olympics.

After graduation, Foye became a first-round NBA draft pick, which opened a whole new world to him. But back home in Newark, NJ, he saw kids shooting hoops in shoes that were falling apart-on a playground littered with crack needles. He bought the kids new shoes. Now he's building them a new playground. And he's formed the Randy Foye Foundation, which creates opportunities for at-risk youth to become successful contributors to society and future world leaders.

The results of his efforts? A crack park is now a community park. An aging auditorium is now a modern gym. A previously empty bank account now funds a middle school mentoring program. And kids are learning from Foye himself how important it is to succeed in school. Foye shoots; he scores!

"People in Villanova and Newark supported me and my dreams. I want to do the same for these kids."

We're glad he's on our team. Ignite Change. Go Nova!